Africa, and other emerging markets including India and Latin America hold consumers whom are no longer willing to tolerate mass, untargeted messaging from brands. 2013 saw the biggest brands in sub-Saharan Africa roll out initiatives that allowed their consumers to participate in some truly novel projects. Expect even more brands in 2014 to attract new customers by launching exciting interactive movements and campaigns.

As a result of African consumers no longer willing to tolerate bland mass-marketing messages, HYPERACTIVE BRANDS all over the continent will increasingly capture these consumers’ attention with delightful, engaging, altruistic and empowering interactive initiatives and campaigns.

For too long, uninventive and vanilla mass-market experiences have dominated many markets across sub-Saharan Africa. Traditionally businesses operating on the continent were concerned with maintaining tight branding budgets and supplying stripped down, no-frills products and services to low income consumers. This old-fashioned perspective of the African consumer landscape viewed any kind of excessive expenditure on pleasurable brand experiences a frivolous luxury, unnecessary for those at the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’. Meanwhile, marketing channels remained immature (and focused on mass media: TV, radio, newspapers) despite the explosion of the rapidly expanding middle class.

Today however, HYPERACTIVE BRANDS are exciting new consumers, capturing their love, attention and undoubtedly long-term loyalty. As disposable incomes balloon within certain demographic groups and locations (like cities), so does the attention to attracting these niches. 2014 and beyond marks a time where brands in Africa must reach out to these previously neglected consumers in a state of brand boredom, who are craving the exchange of bland brand experiences for unique and dynamic ones.

Considering Africa is the youngest continent on the planet, it would be negligent to not pay attention to such a key demographic – the African youth, many of whom are only equipped with mobile phones. The desire to reach young Africans on these naturally hyperactive devices has given rise to an evolution of traditional marketing strategies. Furthermore, these plugged in, highly excitable young consumers also face a dazzling array of choices and distractions.

Thus HYPERACTIVE BRANDS are finding novel ways in which to capture their short attention spans and facilitate deeper emotional connections – in the hopes of establishing brand loyalty as these young consumers grow and acquire more wealth.