Vincent Raffray is an award-winning Creative and Strategic entrepreneur experienced in building and sustaining brands and businesses.

He co-founded Tonic International in 2004 and the agency network is represented in the Middle East, Asia and Africa with clients like Audi, PZ Cussons, Sony and DP World. His interest in new endeavors brought him to Cape Town to set up Tonic Africa, a boutique agency specializing in media neutral solutions for the African market.

Today, Vincent heads up Future Collective and is responsible for delivering strategic creative ideas across all media channels. Under Vincent’s leadership, the company continues to expand it’s client list across South Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Relevance, Authenticity and Awareness are the underlying principles behind the Forever Brand Philosophy. Without these, a brand will simply exist.


Having grown up in a multicultural context with change as her only constant, Mia is the embodiment of the South African millennial. With a background in Art, Neuropsychology and Research, Mia is uniquely equipped with a specific skillset crucial to enable clear communication.

With ten years’ experience working with NGO’s and small businesses, Mia has experience with both Grassroots Development Initiatives and Top-Down management styles. This diversity of experiences has gained her the invaluable talent of strategising conflicting areas seamlessly. Her ability to combine critical thinking with creativity makes her an excellent problem solver.

A feminist at heart, Mia believes unequivocally in equality, transparency, authenticity and honesty. She aspires to empower everyone. Mia has worked with Stellenbosch University, Indigo Skate, Indigo Youth Movement, SAGRA as well as various community empowering projects.

Great businesses are aware of their own identity, as well as their place in this world. Great businesses are honest, too. They are upfront about their capabilities and communicate transparently.


Over the years, Future Collective has developed strategic relationships with some of South Africa’s best independent creatives including Brand Specialists, Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Copywriters, Web Developers, Illustrators, Photographers and Production companies. In some cases we even helped build some of these businesses. Below is a list of just a few of our wonderful partners and links to their work.

         Indent Vee-Station

Sorted  Pixel-Pirate