As we draw closer to the end of what has been a roller-coaster of a year, we wanted to share three holiday trends that will make your festive season more rewarding.

Trust is the main currency when it comes to the Sharing Economy. Utilising sites and apps like, Google Maps and Uber are the way forward. So forget about timeshare and travel agents, support local business owners and get a local perspective on your holiday destination.

The latest studies have shown us that systems and rituals are a lot more powerful than setting goals – goals are short lived, but systems and rituals embed themselves in our daily lives – so don’t set new years resolutions for 2015, rather think of ways you’d like to live, and how a normal week might look. For example, don’t say – I want to loose weight in 2015, rather say I’ll train 3 times a week and only eat bread on Wednesday and Fridays – a system that will eventually allow you to loose more than you would expected and help you throughout the year.

And now that you have used your phone to check the weather, Google mapped where you’re going, booked your Airbnb accommodation, made sure your Uber taxi will pick you up – once you’ve arrived at your destination, switch that phone off and try a digital detox for at least 2 days – that’s the time scientist have proven you need to give your brain the opportunity to switch off.

Rest well, take in the all that you can wherever you go. Come back refreshed and ready to live 2015 as you’ve imagine it.