John Sanei, CEO of Future Collective, covers 3 Trend insights on the future of retail. Learn all about the hyper-informed consumer, how the me-conomy and ‘killing the queue’ will help deliver a better retail experience for your consumers.

In case some of these terms are unclear, here is mini explanation for each:

‘Hyper-informed consumer’
The Internet is transforming the way that consumers across the globe make purchase decisions. They are using social media to learn about other consumers’ experiences, find more information about brands, products and services, and to find deals and purchase incentives.

Creating income and spending patterns focused totally on our own personalised needs and wants.

Expecting a retail experience focused on my personal needs and patterns

The adaptation of a product or service specifically to each locality or culture in which it is sold.

‘Kill the queue’
Making the exit as effortless as possible for your consumer.