We (human beings) are changing at an amazing rate… the way we eat, the understanding that our perception is everything, the creation of our reality is becoming a skill set we are all understanding more and more, amongst many other upgrades. With this changing face of humanity how we do want to be lead today? What type of person is able to cut through the bullshit and get us amped, motivated and sustainably focused?

After spending much time in many a boardroom consulting to companies and exco’s across the country, we have watched wonderful leaders and terrible ones in action… some were getting the most out of their people and then there were those that anger their people. The truth is that those that get the most are the happiest and those that get the least are the most frustrated, and we’re referring to their emotional state before they even started interacting with their teams.

So here are 4 things that we’ve learnt from some great leaders:

Firstly, what source of information are they looking to, to help them make their next decision?

What material are they reading, who are they listening to and how many different sources is this information coming from?

How are they discussing this content with their teams?

Are they telling them the information or creating robust discussion around them?

The second thing is who they hang around with. We often hear the expression, “you are the 5 people you hang around with’ but 5 is not enough anymore, I think this number should be closer to 12.

With such a diverse cross section of people that we work with, how is our understanding of their reality impacting us?

How easily can they get along with totally different people, and not only get along but become friends?

How do they interact with these totally ‘different’ people? How do they engage? How do they listen and add value to them?

Thirdly the amazing power of truly listening… by allowing people to talk freely, you allow them to get past their fright or flight patterning. Our genius creative, never ending energy and thoughts lie right behind the curtain of fear and judgment created by our leaders – so just listen intently, with your eyes, body, mind, ears, and heart.

Your people will feel heard and safe to share their ideas, and to ultimately help you achieve more.

And lastly that the most dangerous phrase in any current business speak is ‘because we have always done it that way’.

Considering how quickly the future is coming at us, the old way is well and truly dead. It takes courage and boldness to go against conventional thinking, failing efficiently is not for sissies. To get ourselves into that mode of thinking is one thing, but to energise a team to think differently, apply the thinking into practise and then allowing the results to determine the next step is a whole other process. To re-energise them after a ‘failure’ is something that needs constant practice.

The future leaders are women and men who are preparing themselves, not for the predictability of yesterday, but for the realities of today and all of the unknown exciting possibilities of tomorrow.