Attract new customers as excited about your business as you are.

Where does Innovation end and bravery begin? The two are synonymous in our experience. Innovation is often thought of as the conjuring-up of a new product or service more relevant to current times – which is true. In fact the word innovation is actually derived from a combination of invention and imitation

This remains key and is very much a core focus of ours at Future Collective, mainly because this is where a business can become and stay relevant and profitable.

Once the innovative idea is born and we understand the required path to achieve the desired outcome, then the real work begins – changing of old habits in order to bring forth the new. This is true innovation and it’s where the strategy becomes paramount. This is also where the magic begins. We work together with our clients to help change old habits and break stale ways of thinking. Together we re-frame perspectives, expectations and possibilities on a company as well as on a personal level.

Initially the process is painful and uncomfortable, as so often with anything new, our systems and brains resist the change. But once adopted, there’s an immediate and amazing feeling of accepting a new way of thinking – and it’s exactly this that creates excitement, both in you as well as around your product and service.

But be warned. Initially, not everyone may be as overjoyed as you are with your innovative success. As mentioned, it’s human nature to resist change. They may even resent you a little for achieving what they resist. So, get ready to attract a whole new bunch of customers that are as excited about you and your new way of thinking and doing as you are.

The key is an objective point-of-view of yourself and your business. There are many professionals out there available to help with this crucial objectivity and to give you the new direction your freedom requires – but you have to be brave to get onto this train.

By John Sanei