A new millennial citizen has emerged: the Techno Hippie. Their population expanding rapidly throughout the world’s concrete jungles, this species is most likely to be spotted in a fair-trade coffee shop, eating a sprout salad while signing Greenpeace petitions on a smartphone.

Techno Hippies are the embodiment of the ideal 21st century citizen. They usually work for themselves or have a lot of flexibility with their employers. They make decent salaries and prefer to spend that money on socially conscious items such as organic food or fair-trade clothing.

Not too likely to get their hands dirty with actual activism, they use their techno-savvy to promote causes and commentary: Techno Hippies are as unlikely to be caught without their iPhone as they would be to eat an omelet made from factory-chicken eggs.

Big on self-sustainability, you’re sure to find a herb garden in their solar powered apartment. They are likely to be the first investors in soon-to-legalized medical marijuana. Provided it’s organic, of course.

A New Age version of the 60’s stereotype, the Techno Hippie is a left-wing idealist who embraces trance music, eco-consciousness, free software and entrepreneurism in order to bring about a better world.